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Children's Place Nursery School - Rochester, MN
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Goals for each age group

The 18-month-old program

Our 18-month-old learn by experiencing life through their senses and by moving around, as well as through social interaction. Their typical daily program includes table activities and play. At this age, they are learning language at a quick pace. Books, puzzles, and music help them develop more, as well as learn social skills.


The 3-year-old program

A 3-year-old child is quite busy and enjoys learning a host of individual and interactive activities. We help meet these needs and do not expect too much or too little from them.


Your child will find a daily schedule that meets their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs with age-appropriate activities. Your child will also learn to express him or herself through various art activities like finger painting, cutting, and modeling with dough.





The 4-year-old program

At Children's Place Nursery School, you'll find a staff that aims to meet the needs of the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of all ages. We meet the needs of 4-year-old by teaching in an environment where children can manipulate their surroundings and learn through their peers and adults.


The 4-year-old learn through learning centers, play activities, and special topics. They are also encouraged to use their creativity through art and dramatic play. This age group also sings songs, discusses special topics, and play both indoor and outdoor games.


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