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Let us set your child on the right track

At Children's Place Nursery School, your child will enjoy a "Creative Curriculum" with a "Work Sampling" assessment tool to see how he or she is progressing. You'll have the option of parent conferences twice a year to discuss your child with his or her teachers.  


Morning sessions run from 8:50 AM - 11:50/12:00 PM (Pick-up begins at 11:50 AM).

Afternoon enrichments run from 12:50 PM – 3:50/4:00 PM (Pick-up begins at 3:50 PM) each day.


• 16-month-old program (M-W-F or T-R) NEW option of Mon-Fri AM for a discounted rate

(Toddlers do not need to be potty trained to start school at Children's Place Nursery School.)


• Younger Preschool program (M-W-F AM or T-R AM) NEW option of Mon-Fri AM for a discounted rate

(3-year-olds do not need to be potty trained to start school at Children's Place Nursery School.)


• Older Preschool  program (M-W-F AM or T-R AM ) NEW option of Mon-Fri AM for a discounted rate


• Pre-k program (M-F AM)


Fun at lunch with Lunch Bunch


The Children's Place Nursery School pre-kindergarten program uses the Scott Foresman curriculum, which is the same one previously used in the Rochester Public Schools. This program places an emphasis on literacy and writing. Your child will learn how to journal and write short stories that will be sent home each week. The class focuses on one story each week, getting to know the story in detail.


Your children will also learn basic math skills, letter recognition, and get ready for kindergarten. Some of the stations set up around the room include letter recognition and the sounds that letters make. Pre-K students must be 4 on or before September 1st of the current school year. The pre-K program runs 5 mornings a week.  

Our Pre-Kindergarten program

The Lunch Bunch program gives your child an opportunity to learn and use appropriate social skills while eating lunch with his or her peers. In addition to the lunch you provide, activities like circle games, outdoor play, or a story may be included. Parents provide a cold lunch that doesn't need refrigeration, we will provide milk.


Sign up for your child for his or her day and that day is yours for the school year unless you make any changes to your child's schedule. Children must be at least 33 months old  to be in Lunch Bunch on any day. There are limited spots available for toddler/young preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

There are  "Drop In"  spots  available.  Lunch Bunch runs from 12:00 to 12:45 (Pick-up begins at 12:40 PM).



Excellent enrichment classes

Enrichment classes do just what they say and enrich your child's development in various areas.

These classes meet one day per week and can extend out your child's half-day to a full day.


Enrichment classes are for friends that are 33 months-Preschool and run 12:50-3:50/4:00pm

What your children will learn at our school

Literacy development 

This helps children build an understanding of language and literature. They'll learn through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. It includes listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.  


Math activities 

Children learn math through hands-on and real-life experiences. They will also develop an awareness of numbers, geometry, patterns, measurement, and graphs.


Manipulative activities

These activities improve visual perception, hand-eye coordination, as well as problem solving and social skills.


Circle / group time

At this time, children gather and plan the day out using ideas and observations. Circle time is designed to stimulate their minds and enrich their social skills.  


Art activities 

Children learn to creatively express their thoughts and feelings. Art helps reinforce fine motor skills, as well as help teach colors, shapes, and size relationships.


Dramatic play

These activities help children express themselves, practice life skills, improve social skills, increase self-esteem, build vocabulary, and solve problems.  


Music activities

Music helps promote listening skills, creative expression, and social skills. Children can also explore sound, volume, tempo, and rhythm.


Science activities

Students learn through observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation.


Sand and water activities

Children are able to experiment with textures and the properties of different substances. These activities also promote the development of math, science, and language.


Block play

With block play, children experience concepts like shape and size discrimination, spatial relationships, number skills, balance, organization, cause and effect, and classification.  


Gross motor activities

Children get the opportunity to use their muscles and imaginations as they engage in fun, healthy exercises like running, jumping, and climbing.


Fine motor activities

Fine motor skills help improve small muscle development, as well as hand-eye coordination. We use puzzles, lacing, glue sticks, pegboards, scissors, and crayons to develop these skills.


Outdoor activities

When outdoors, children can experience nature and develop other skills to aid in physical development.

Teacher with students Teacher with students Sandbox pic Playground Climber

2019-20 School Year


Mondays:  Spanish Class


Tuesdays:  Learning Games


Wednesdays:  Around the World


Thursdays: Math & Science


Fridays: Read Me a Story

2020-21 School Year


Mondays:  Let’s Play a Game


Tuesdays:  I wanna Be…..


Wednesdays:  Math & Science


Thursdays:  Around the World


Fridays:  Arts & Language

Enrollment is up to 20 children and 3 teachers per class.